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Listen: The Entire Universe “Beyond Me”

“Beyond Me,” the latest single from LA-based rock outfit The Entire Universe, offers up sonic layering and lyrical depth as expansive as the band’s name – but this isn’t boasted. This is arguably where the magic of “Beyond Me” lies: its level of mastery needs not be forced in an overt manner for it effortlessly shines through. Jeffertitti Moon’s lyrics serve as a somber meditation on mental isolation and all that can subsequently inhabit or inhibit, therefore creating a deeply humanistic appeal.

The track(which you can also stream on Spotify) is also flavored with psychedelic pockets that serve as a welcome call back to Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett era, its keyboard-flourished crescendos highlighting a clear exploratory element among traces of familiarity.

“Beyond Me” is much like an arthouse film in the sense that there is a new layer to be peeled back or detected with each consumption. So, go on, have a listen (or several). And, if you like what you hear and happen to be a California resident,  you can catch The Entire Universe performing live on the following dates:

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