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Listen: The Muckers “This Town Will Drag Us Down”

Brooklyn’s own The Muckers are the real deal and they’re here to remind you why you first fell in love with rock and roll. With the release of their second single, “This Town Will Drag Us Down,” the four-piece band prove they can groove just as well as they can shred.

The track finds the new band flexing their songwriting muscles even harder, providing a more fully realized melody and set of lyrics to dance within their classic psych rock roots. Where their first single showed off lead guitarist Emir Mohsseni’s bat-out-of-hell solo abilities, “This Town” dials back the moshing in favor of the disco. And, in the process, not a single ounce of energy has gone to waste and their reverbed vocals still sound ready for the arena.

All that’s left to see if how they could tackle a ballad, but with these huge jams, I don’t know if I want to hear them slow down. If you’re at SXSW or in Austin see them at Quit Your Day Job II.

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