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Premiere: Jaguarundis’ Self Titled LP

Photo by Leen Dweik, album artwork by Natasha Fortson.

While living in a windowless NYU dorm in Chinatown, NYC-native Alex Carr presents his experiments in synth. Laying down 10 tracks on his latest side-project, Jaguarundis. Jaguarundis have a too-cool-to-be-awake-before-the-sun-sets vibe. The LP is packed with dynamic percussion and bold icy synths topped with Carr’s tongue tired mumbles that intensify the project. Jaguarundis is both brooding and lively in how it finds a balance between psychedelic and industrial. It’s just eccentric enough to make it onto your Halloweekend playlist.
Favorite Tracks: Vocalissimus, Serenity, Song for the Sun

Favorite Tracks: “Vocalissimus,” “Serenity,” “Song for the Sun”

Check out Alex Carr here.

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