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Song Premiere: Justin Dean Thomas “Staring At A Wall”

Photos and Album art by Ana Cristina.

If you’re anything like the rockers and punks that prowl the gritty streets of NYC at night, then this song is for you. With your leather jacket perfectly distressed and chain choker on tight, the darkness is when you come alive. Justin Dean Thomas’ newest track (premiering below) will give you that same rattle in your bones that only those kind of lawless NYC nights can do. A true-blue rock ‘n’ roll song with guitar that feels like an electric shock to your soul and vocals that shout in your face screaming,  “the only time I feel alright is the night time.” It’s sexy, it’s scary, it’s bad to the bone—listen below!

Catch him live 8/26 at The Elizabeth Street Garden and 9/20 at a secret Manhattan location TBA via Instagram.

Find Justin Dean Thomas on Instagram and Facebook.

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