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PRIDE Week Guide 2017

Hi y’all! It’s Mo again, aka @sadgayfriendx. It’s pride week herein NYC, and like Northside, there’s a high possibility for both douchyness and fun in the festivities. Here are some left-of center activities for you to celebrate your queerness.

Tuesday: On Top @ Le Bain

In a gay world increasingly masc for masc and ruled buy the oppressive thump of hell’s kitchen. Suzane Barch has been the tent bearer for fab queerdos since the 80s. On Top is her weekly party at the Le Bain, AKA the roof of the Standard Hotel. The hosts include the legendary Amanda Lepore, disco pop sweethearts Sateen, and rumored Drag Race season 10 queen Aquaria. There’s also a pool, so if you’re feeling extra reckless you can soak in your couture. Free, 10pm.

Wednesday: Macy Rodman “The Lake” Album Release Party

This is not strictly a Pride party, but nothing says Pride like supporting queer artists! Macy Rodman makes industrial-influenced electro pop that can also veer into campy rap (check out her anthem Lazy Girl). The Lake is her new album out on Bushwick Techno label Sweat Equity, and her release party features fellow queer artists Mister Wallace and Hamm. 10$, Doors at 9

Thursday: New York Gay Pride Launch Party @ Public Arts

Woo now we’re cooking! Frankie Sharp, the once kingpin of NYC queer nightlife, is returning to launch the new club Public Arts with a blowout the recalls the ragers of old (anyone remember Westgay?) Its free, and features a vouge battle between The House of Labeija and The House of Ninja, and a Live performance (whatever that means) by RuPaul Drag Race’s Nina Bonia Brown . Hosted by larger than life nightlife scenester Linux (seriously, her looks frequently involve stilts) The Dauphine of Bushwick Tyler Ashley, Pinup ghoul Severly Mame, and clownish club kid Amy Cakes. 10PM-4AM NO COVER!!!

Friday: Ova the Rainbow PRIDE = Mile High Club @ The Dreamhaus

Ok so now pride season is really heating up, so time to flee manhattan and head to queens! The peeps of legendary queer nightlife space The Spectrum are there with a new space called The Dreamhaus, an abandoned events hall filled with pastel lighting and old dollhouses. This friday is their monthly Ova the Rainbow party, a rager that goes well into the morning. The theme this time is Mile High Club, and any “Airplane Reveals/ Cockpit hoes/ stewards/ stewardesses/ PAN AM/ Celeb sightings/ TOP GUN” outfits get you 5 dollars of the entrance fee. Sateen, fresh from hosting OnTop, will be doing a live set of their ethereal dance pop. $10 before 1AM, $15 AFTER, $20 AFTER 3am

Saturday: Punk Pride Show @ Barranquilla B’wick

DIY show space Barranquilla is partnering with The Renegades to bring you the intersectional punk show of your Women’s Studies professor’s wet dreams.  8 bands will take the stage, with sludgy shredders Haybaby headlining. There’s also face painting, a queer comedy act, and “special” avocado toast. Get to the gig! $8, Tickets and event info here.

Sunday: The SLiiiDE – PRIDE Sunday Daytime Party! @ The Woods

The big day! The great day of the overblown corporate fuck fest that is the parade. I plan on being far away laying on Riis beach with my fellow queerdos, passing a joint around. If you don’t plan on totally removing yourself from the fun of nightlife, JD Sampson (formerly of Le Tigre, now a DJ extraordinaire) and nightlife mainstay Amber Velentine are having a party at Heavy Woods they’re describing as a “afternoon disco stomp”. Considering Sampson’s lesbian icon status, this should be a more mixed crown to balance out the hoards of gays that might swarm these other parties. Free.

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