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Q&A: Horrorchata on Razor 5000 @ Secret Project Robot

Every now and again you come across a party with such a killer lineup you know it’s going to be wild. That was the case as soon as I saw the poster for the upcoming Razor 5000 party, organized by Bushwig co-founder Horrorchatta and MC’d by fellow Brooklyn queens Merrie Cherry and Untitled Queen. It’s a who’s who of the talent the Brooklyn gay party scene has to offer, with everyone from DJs like Hannah Lou and Ickarus to club kids like Jeffrey Scott and Rosemount mainstay Jacquee Kennedée. The lineup also has performances from nightlife fixtures like the rapper Will Sheridan and Daphne Sumtimez, as well as (full disclosure) my pals Severely Mame, Mini Horrorwitz, and Angelica Sundae.  It all goes down at the thriving new location of Secret Project Robot, which has a new outside bar and delicious strawberry margaritas.

I met with Horrorchatta and her Bushwig sister Didi Disco in the backyard of Metropolitan to have a brief chat about the upcoming rager.

So why did you call the party Razor 500?

Horrorchata: So Razor 5000, it comes from this… in New York we say glam or ham and it’s kinda of… what would you say, a name?

Didi Disco: It’s part of the lingo.

Horrorchata: Yeah lingo, it’s part a lingo. So in Austin, Texas I used to say razor like, “oh you wanna go do that? Razor” and 5000 just means next level, like being extra.  That’s kinda how Razor 5000 came about.

There was one last year, but is this only the second year or has this been going for a minute?

Horrorchata: It’s been going for honestly for 5 years, probably as long as Bushwig. I’ve had two in Texas.

Why do you keep doing it? What about this party makes you want to keep bringing it back?

Horrorchata: I like Razor 5000 cause I like to bring not just “lip sync for your life”  kinda drag moments, but showcase other girls that are doing live things, but very drag inspired. That’s what I do. That’s what Razor is all about.

How did you choose the performers this year?

Horrorchata: There are some girls on the roster that I feel are up and coming, that I feel were kinda babies but now are like *appreciative nod* “okay.” So I wanna show them love. *laughs* Not saying that they sucked or whatever no, they’re really good.

Didi Disco: They need a hug.

Horrorchata: Yeah. *laughs*

What can people expect at this Razor 5000?

Horrorchata: A lot of glitter. *laughs* A lot of drag, a lot of high heels. Just a big fun night, from 10-4, just walk in rock out *laughs*

Razor 5000 is August 18th, $10 @ Secret Project Robot. You can find the complete lineup and event info here.

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