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Watch: Champagne Superchillin’ “Amor Fati”

Photo by William Aubrey Reynolds.

Nietzsche and David Lynch ain’t got nothing on Champagne Superchillin’. The wonderfully bizarre ’60s french pop-inspired band is rearing up for the release of their sophomore album Beach Deep via Soft Junk this July. However, before the world gets to revel in this sure-to-be intoxicating musical gift, they’ve tantalized us with a Twin Peaks-esque music video for the first Beach Deep single “Amor Fati.” Setting the scene instantly to be mysteriously seductive, the video kicks off by passing a vintage sign that reads “You Are Entering the Land of Love.” Rose colored scenes of hazy love roll by while Champagne Superchillin’ appears as figures in the background dressed in all black.

It’s raunchy, it’s sweet, it’s strange, and it oddly just feels right—a perfect match for this romantically nihilistic tune. Check it out below and catch Champagne Superchillin’ with Juan Wauters May 25th at Brooklyn Bazaar.

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