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Watch: The Voidz “initiate” Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz are back with some fresh new digs for you to check out—Julian Casablancas has officially been inducted into The Voidz. No longer do we need to refer to the band as Julian Casablancas+The Voidz. Nope, it’s just The Voidz now.

The Voidz have announced their second album, to be released sometime in 2018. The release date is not yet clear, but we’re hopeful for some loosies or music videos up until then. If the track “Wink,” performed at some recent Latin American sets and live on a Brazilian TV show, is any indicator of what’s come… well, we’re stoked. It’s inherently Numan-esque but slathered with a feel-good riptide of a chorus.

All of this was announced via a Warren Fu directed album trailer featuring the band attending a midnight movie called “Sly Boots.” We won’t give anything away, but someone gets branded. Also, right when the band sits down for the midnight screening, a toll-free number pops up that you can and should actually call — it’s interactive, kinda spooky, and heavy on the anarcho-absurdism we’ve come to cherish The Voidz for. (SPOILER: It may or may not feature individual discussions with all band members, some philosophical musings, or new music snippets.) Check out the trailer below:

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