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Watch: The Velvet Underground & Nico in “A Symphony of Sound”

I got sucked into a whole on YouTube trying to find a video of a complete Richard Hell & the Voidoids performance at CBGB. Anyways, I didn’t find one (if you know where one is drop me a line) but ended up on this Andy Warhol film A Symphony of Sounds which is essentially just an hour long VU rehearsal in 1966.

The audio is pretty shitty likely because Warhol didn’t have a sound set up just the microphone built into a camera from the 60’s. Regardless it’s an interesting piece of history and Lou Reed is so happy and young, it’s devastating. It’s not the type of video that is conducive to finding highlights or gold star moments but the cops do show up around 40:00 and the presence of Alain Delon playing a number of instruments while doting on his mother.

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