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What’s in the van? with Naked Giants

The first time I saw Naked Giants live I kind of lost my mind. I went in with little to no expectations and was not prepared for the full on storm that took the stage. They were opening for Ron Gallo and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd that hype for an opening act before. Whether people knew them previously or this was their first introduction to the band, everyone was fully invested. That was one of the first shows I saw after moving to New York that I felt an intense energy exchange between the crowd and the band. No one was too cool, checked out, or on their phones — just purely captivated by the surprisingly joyful frenzy that was shredding up the stage.

Since then, Naked Giants have put in their fair share of time on the road. Touring with their own project as well as with Car Seat Headrest, the Seattle garage-rock three-piece has been playing everywhere from Rough Trade to Market Hotel to Madison Square Garden — and that’s just in the past year. They came through Brooklyn last week and gave us a rundown of some of their on the road essentials, what CDs they have on heavy rotation, and most importantly, their favorite kind of hot sauce.


You can catch Naked Giants on tour now. Their live EP, ‘Green Fuzz’, is now available via New West Records. Keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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