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5 questions with Warbly Jets

I first saw Warbly Jets sometime last year (or maybe it was 2016) at the now shuttered Shea Stadium alongside The Mystery Lights. Since then we’ve covered them for 2017’s SXSW bloggers guide and the band finally released their debut self-titled LP in early October. We did a quick-fire round of questions with Julien and Samuel following the release.

Do you think the idea of selling out still exists, or is even possible in the current digital musical landscape?

Julien: “Selling out” was a nice talking point at a different time, but even those that stood firmly against it ended up in butter and car commercials eventually.  It’s the artists responsibility to decide where their art belongs.

Samuel: I think as artists its our responsibly to pursue what drives us. Selling out is not following what inspires you the most.

How do you feel about the early press you guys received before the album even came out?
Julien: I commend the journalists and outlets that see undiscovered bands as deserving of coverage.

Samuel: I’m not really familiar with the term premature press. I think things have trickled out about a song or show of ours. 

Does it feel like there’s been a weight lifted now that the album is out? Any reflections or things you wish you had known or done in retrospect?

Julien: Yes, it feels great! I have no regrets. 

Samuel: Yes it does! Of course, its an ever evolving process that will always leave me wanting the next phase.

Does inspiration or consciousness of the music that’s come before you in the rock tradition sometimes feel limiting or like it’s holding you (and possibly the entire genre) back?

Julien: The only thing that feels limiting is people’s narrow sight of what rock music was and therefore always should be. We can look to the light beyond and enjoy where it takes us or we can keep comparing everything to the god damn Beatles. 

Samuel: Rock music feels good to me. I’ve never viewed it as limiting or holding me back. We approached making this record with a full tip of the hat to every one of biggest inspirations.

Keep up with Warbly Jets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today the Warbly Jets start their tour with Liam Gallagher, see tour dates below and catch them in New York on November 27th. 

11.13 – San Francisco, CA 
11.14 – Los Angeles, CA
11.16 – Phoenix, AZ
11.18 – Denver, CO
11.20 – Minneapolis, MN
11.21 – Chicago, IL
11.23 – Toronto, ON
11.25 – Boston, MA
11.27 – New York, NY
11.29 – Washington, DC
11.30 – Philadelphia, PA

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