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Album Review: Insecure Men Self-Titled

The black sheep of pop music; Insecure Men have created the most punk rock pop album you’ll ever hear. All the synth, oohs and aahs, and tap-your-feet-along beats make this the kind of album that would enflame the hormones of any pubescent adolescent, but it also goes much deeper than that. The debut self-titled album explores the depths of R-rated punk rock philosophies about politics, alcohol, drugs, depression, and even the death of Whitney Houston (yes, Whitney Houston is extremely punk rock).

The album kicks off with “Subaru Nights,” a song that belongs at a dinner party in the ’70s. Frontman Saul Adamczewski provides smooth vocals that reach angelic heights, but still somehow give you the chills. A pop song about a lustful night, with steel pedal guitar and peculiar robotic backing vocals make you feel like you’re in a hot basement getting felt up for the first time—sweet and innocent, but still nervous.

The entire album follows this decrepit vibe of happily falling apart. It’s pop music through-and-through, but you also can’t help and hear the dark side to each track—and that grit is what makes it punk. Go ahead and sway your hips on the dance floor or slow dance with that sweet someone in a corner to the smooth keys of “All Women Love Me” or “Whitney Houston & I,” but also be prepared to want to drink a neat whiskey in a dim lit dive bar later.

With Insecure Men’s debut album you might be afraid of it at first, but you’re also going to fall in love with it.

Insecure Men is out today on Fat Possum records. Find Insecure Men online @INSECUREMEN

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