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Art Cures: Back 2 School

Art Cures, our new series, offers a themed list of music, films, books, events and other cool stuff in hopes of supplying you with a sufficient art fix, as well as the cures you didn’t know you needed. So whether you’re reeling from a recent break-up, seeking inspiration for your creative block, or just needing a change of scenery, these lists will help raise your spirits and remedy your ills. 

The transition from summer to fall is truly bittersweet, especially in adulthood. No longer are we comforted by new school clothes and fresh Staples supplies, and there’s really no need to feel excited about seeing our friends because we already see them all the damn time. Yet, the beginning of September remains a nostalgic time because of all the years spent fervently updating our away messages about class schedules, covering textbooks with paper grocery bags, and figuring out who we were going to make out with behind the bleachers. So whether you’re going back to school, or you’d simply like to reminisce about student life, here are some school-related things to see and do.

  • Watch the wonderfully weird and campy horror film, All Cheerleaders Die. It’s kind of like the beloved high school favorite Bring It On, but for those a bit more partial to witchcraft, badass lesbian revenge plots, and lots of blood.


  • Visit (or revisit) Lauren, Sean, Paul and all their friends/enemies at Camden College in the Bret Easton Ellis classic, The Rules of Attraction. It’s sad, dark and depraved, but also strangely beautiful, and filled with great quotes. Ex: “And it struck me then, that I liked Sean because he looked, well, slutty. A boy who had been around. A boy who couldn’t remember if he was Catholic or not.”  Swoon. 



  • Back in elementary school, book fairs were the best — missing class and spending your parents’ money, what could be better than that? Well, Printed Matter‘s NY Art Book Fair at  MoMA PS1 allows you to experience a more cultured and grown-up equivalent; it runs the weekend of September 18-20th, and will feature/sell a ton of awesome books, zines, art and other cool stuff.


  • Make some Jiffy Pop and watch the premiere of Scream Queens on September 22nd. It doesn’t look scary per se, but it seems to have that whole cheesy-while-definitely-self-aware vibe to it, so it should be a fun watch. Plus, it stars the OG scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis! (Airs on Fox @ 8pm)

  • Field trip! Head over to the MoMA for a viewing of Picasso Sculpturewhich has been called “…arguably the biggest museum exhibition of the fall, and a ‘must-see’ on every art worlders’ calendar…” as it is going to feature 150 of Picasso’s sculptures. Take a break from the unlimited mimosas, go see some art and make your mom proud.


  •  Lastly, THIS:

Article by Nicole Woszcyzna. Follow her on Twitter @nicolewosz.

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