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Band Crush: Peeping Drexels bring honky tonk sleaze to South London

South London’s Peeping Drexels ooze a sleaziness once only fabricated in poorly insulated basements in the Lower East Side circa 1970. The term “band crush” rings perfect for five piece punk band currently filling my Cramps itch. The tracks listed on their soundcloud read like doodle’s from the John Bender of your high school. One of their catchier songs, “Kiss Me In My Greasy Bed” is loaded with numbing guitar riffs and harrowing wails, “kiss me in my greasy bed, lick me in my greasy bed, love me in my greasy bed.” The conviction of lead singer Dylan Coates in this track in particular denotes a sexy twang only heard in David Lynch films and rock n roll strip clubs.

Bills Drift” which was gifted to us earlier this year matches its black and white visuals displaying a punk rock show gone right. A sloppy mosh pit, hot girls in bras smoking cigarettes on the floor, baby masks, the works. If there is one thing this band has done right it has been to stay on brand. Their latest track, “Ray Purchase” is a love letter to a fictional British TV character from Toast of London, Ray Purchase who according to Coates, “[Ray Purchase’s] scheming ways are an inspiration to everyone in the band.” They are currently only playing in the London area but here’s to hoping they make it across the pond soon. 

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