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Premiere: Sun Abduction “Acid Pyramid”


Since forming in 2015 Sun Abduction has become a staple of the New York rock circuit, gone through several live changes, and finally buckled down to release a new single, video and go on their first West Coast tour. The current line up is Zach Koenig, Alex Glueck, Anders Pierson and Aaron Peart and we are psyched to premiere their new single and music video for “Acid Pyramid.”

“Acid Pyramid” is an introduction to Sun Abduction’s world — think Hitchcock’s Rear Window except somehow even more deranged through the lens of a bad acid trip. The track is paranoid and menacing as the thumping drums enunciate the droning and fuzzy vocals. We get flittering insights into the unhinged protagonist’s bedroom where he’s pacing in blood soaked converse, flashes of grecian stone statues and strobe light filtered snippets of the band performing through the mayhem. “Acid Pyramid” continues to switch between worlds using harsh colors and jarring cut frames to paint an acid drenched vision of our psychosis. The track and video mirror each other in the way they build to the finale — starting slow and sparse before ascending into the chaos with increasingly hectic guitar riffs punctuating the end, as the severed bomber jacket-clad arm tries to clench at the shag carpet. See their West Coast tour dates below:


2/16 Seattle @ Victory Lounge
2/17 Olympia @ Le Voyeur
2/18 Tacoma @ The New Frontier
2/19 Portland @ Dacha
2/20 Arcata @ Blondies
2/21 Oakland @ The Stork
2/24 LA @ Lot 1 Cafe
2/25 LA @ Gnarburger (in store matinee)


Follow Sun Abduction on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Find their music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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