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A Few of Our Favorite Things: Low Fat Getting High

Low Fat Getting High are a noisy, post-punk trio driven by grungy bass lines, frenzied drum work, and scratchy scream-sing vocals. Between all of the walloping distortion and guitar wails, there’s plenty here to get your blood boiling — and in the best way. LFGH have just released their self-titled debut LP, and in celebration of this feat, we caught up with frontman Michael Sincavage in order to gain some insight into lives behind the sound. Check out the beer, candy, and artwork that keep them on their feet and in your face. And be sure to keep a look out for his upcoming solo album, out this Friday.

1. Ryan Humphrey’s Tumblr


I don’t know this guy at all personally, but I love his Tumblr page.  This dude is always drawing with this great simultaneous reverence for and rejection of technique. His drawings are full of energy, curiosity, and humor.  It’s visually what a good punk song sounds like.

2. Fall is the best season


3. $5 for 3 Coors tall boys at the deli around the corner from our rehearsal space


They taste like corroding metal, but fuuuuuuck….. they’re so cheap, and besides—— I’m not trying to impress anyone in my band with my taste in beer.

4. Presidents of the USA – Stranger 

This past Halloween, I joined Vulture Shit on guitar and we played a cover set of Presidents of the USA. Everybody knows them for “Lump” and “Peaches,” and yeah they’re kinda silly sometimes, but this song is so tender and honest.  Then the song explodes with these great exclamations of visceral sound and energy in the choruses.  If the Pixies wrote this, people would say it was fucking brilliant.  Anyways, the Halloween show was a blast, and Vulture Shit is my favorite band in all of New York, which leads me to my next thing——

5. Vulture Shit— Joys of Employment


If you don’t know Vulture Shit—— you have to dive in.  I always tell my friends about them, and they laugh at the name.  I tell them it’s a bass/drum/vocals set up, then people try to write it off with some quip about DFA 1979.  Then, I bring these friends to a show, and they lose their shit. It happens every time.  I’ve never seen a band command an audience like these guys. There are so many layers to what they’re doing as a band, it blows my mind.  Check out this EP. Then go see them live. Come back and listen to this EP, then scrape your brain matter off the surrounding surfaces, and stuff them back into your unsuspecting skull. Speaking of which…..

6. Skulls. I love em.  I know it’s a visual cliche in music related artwork, but come on—— It’s because skulls are cool, man….. and they’re fun to draw.  Oh, yeah, and they’re totally useful as far as being a human being goes


7. Muffins (specifically apple cranberry)— because they’re like birthday cake that you can eat before noon and it’s totally socially acceptable.


8. My dog— i know every dog owner says that their dog is the best, but it turns out to be totally true in my case. Her name is Radley. As in Boo.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.31.46 PM

9. Aron Wiesenfeld’s Latest show 

November BEST,levels

I have a soft spot for representational painting, however, much like with music, I hate shameless displays of technique that glorify the medium and technique over the artist’s own humanity.  Aron Wiesenfeld is truly one of my favorite painters—— living or dead.  His work is so rich with narrative, atmosphere, and mood.  With every new body of work, he grows as an artist, and expands his vocabulary without repeating himself or losing his sense of identity.  He’s a master at making work that is both dense, and understated.  He’s created this whole world of his own that is just so gorgeous, sad, and weird.  I don’t really want to live in, but I recognize it in my own gut.  The emotions are raw, but the presentation is so refined—— it’s a perfect marriage of technique and emotion to me.  I’m totally rambling about his work….. Anyways, check out his new show online.

10. Snickers Bars—— It’s part of my show ritual to eat a Snickers bar before playing. It’s also a personal tradition to eat them between every meal. I have a problem…..


11. My wife Haley Jane Samuelson—


She’s my favorite person in the world, and without her I would be completely incapable of pursuing any of my ridiculous creative endeavors. Oh, yeah— she’s a photographer too.  She’s been helping out with all of our band photos lately (including the one in this thing) and she’s working on a rad new bunch of her own stuff. Here is her last show

12. Bank People. Every Low Fat Getting High song written is about this sketch. Their record release show for their debut, self-titled album is November 13 at Cake Shop.

Low Fat Getting High is out now via Money Fire Records.




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