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Review: Fat Heaven ‘Tough Luck’

This November hasn’t been the greatest, but that’s about to change. NYC/Brooklyn based punks Fat Heaven are releasing their first full length just in time to turn the month around. Tough Luck is everything a punk aficionado wants out of a full length recording. Strong, angsty vocals are supported by tight, rhythmically energetic chord progressions and distortion heavy riffs supplied by Travis Yablon. Jack Counce provides super solid, yet super speedy driving low-end support on bass. Last but not least, Gayla Brooks donates some of the gnarliest, most bad-ass, and downright impressive punk drumming I’ve ever heard.

Tough Luck is the kind of album you want to put on in the car to get amped about making an otherwise exhaustingly long drive. The album achieves, many times over, the kind of intensity and power that will keep your foot steady on the pedal. Yet it also showcases talented shifting melodies and moods that you can engage your passengers in a scream-a-long with. There’s enough rhythmic diversity, multi vocalist exchanges and echos to keep you awake, alert and having fun air drumming on the steering wheel. Be careful, though, you don’t want to forget the speed limit.

So far, two singles have been released:

In My Head

Fat Heaven’s Tough Luck is set to be released November 25th on Mirror Universe Tapes. All vocals, guitar, and bass were tracked in the band’s basement studio (MofFat Heaven) and drums were recorded at Studio G in Brooklyn. Mixed by Jack Counce & Mastered by Matt Labozza 

Track List

  • Amphetamines
  • Nowhere
  • Bowling For Bones
  • In My Head
  • Control The State
  • Christ On a Cracker
  • Hit the Bottle
  • LA Girl
  • What Do You Do
  • Turning into a Monster
  • Liar and a Thief
  • Out of Your Mind

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