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Listen: Jared Saltiel “Wayward Queen”

Bringing a fresh perspective to the singer-songwriter world, Jared Saltiel proves his capability on his latest single, “Wayward Queen.” It’s a powerfully written ballad, with vivid imagery of a goddess of sorts. Saltiel wrote the track in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, shown in the track through melancholic overtones and a delicate appreciation of life. Satisfying chord changes and flowing vocals resolve to leave us with a newfound hope, and a readyness to tackle the obstacle of love. This marks a new endeavor for Saltiel, as he had previously acted as lead singer and songwriter of the Dirty Birds, an Ann Arbor based pop/rock quartet. “Wayward Queen” comes off his upcoming album, the second in a four-part concept series titled Caught Beneath the Wheel.

Out of Clay is out February 2nd, you can keep up with Jared on his website, website, Facebook and Twitter.

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