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Lord of Chaos, God of Filth: Promiseland’s outtakes from Issue 6.5

Photos by Luis Lucio.

Here are outtakes from the forthcoming Issue 6.5—a preview of what’s coming in the special SXSW edition.

During the interview between Promiseland and Surfbort (which is available in it’s entirety solely in issue 6.5), Dani Miller remarked that Johann Rashid had perfected “the dance of destruction.” That is the most apt description of Promiseland that I have ever heard—so on the nose that I am mildly bitter about not having come up with it myself.

Promiseland is hedonistic violence, the soundtrack to a man made apocalypse. The music thumping and menacing, the performance volatile and voyeuristic. The brave are in the face of the performance—up close and personal being gnawed at by Johann as he gleefully terrorizes the audience, the cowardly (me) are watching from the rafters excited and full of adrenaline but paralyzed by what a performance this confrontational reveals about our innards.

Anyways—you too can see Promiseland at our showcase and it’ll be a moment of judgement for humanity.

By Cheryl Georgette

By Cheryl Georgette

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“A dog also bit my cheek off when I was a kid so I had a fear of dogs when I was young. But, now, I love them. I’ve got a scar on my cheek because my cheek was hanging off, my brother said. But regarding music—I used to play in a bunch of bands in Australia. I had this project where I performed by myself and I made music by myself and I was sort of doing performances. But I’m used to playing in lots of punk bands and stuff. When I moved to New York, I came to shoot film and video and music wasn’t a priority. Then, I sort of did one show, I can’t remember. It was at Pianos or something. And, then, I got booked for this show and the promoter was like, ‘you’re playing  with this band, Surfbort.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I guess I could play. I’ll do this show.’ I went down and history was made.” Johann Rashid 

Issue 6.5 is coming! Pick one up at SXSW or keep an eye out as it makes its way to the cyber world.

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